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Keeping Cool in Williston park, New York

Ideally when it gets warm outside when you walk over to your thermostat and click cool you should be all set. But what can you do when you click cool and nothing happens, or warm air comes out of your ductwork rather than cool?

Call Central Air Systems. We have fully trained expert AC technicians that work in Williston park, all the time. We have the know-how, and the parts needed to get your air conditioning system back up to speed quickly.

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Preventative maintenance. On arrival performed spring start up and preventative maintenance. Confirmed thermostat operation. Ensured unit cleanliness. Cleared all voltages, amperages and capacitor values. Cleared condensate line. Ensured proper pump operation. Inspected outdoor unit. Confirmed refrigerant pressures and temperatures. Unit is operating normally at this time. Replaced batteries in thermostat.